Aluminium - Brown
Aluminium Brushed - Brown
Aluminium Scratched
Asphalt 1
Asphalt 2
Concrete - Arroway 27 (dust using AO)
Concrete - Arroway 27 (dust using curvature map)
Copper Aged (using SIGERTEXMAPS ThinFilm)
Black Marble - (Poliigon)
Green Marble - (Poliigon)
White Marble - (Poliigon)
Metal Paint (oil based)
Metal Paint with dust (oil based)
Plastic Glossy
Plastic Matte
Purple Candy Paint (over black paint)
Purple Candy Paint (over gold paint)
Tyre Rubber 1
Tyre Rubber 2
Stainless Steel
Plastic - Car Stop Light Scratched (with caustics)
Plastic - Car Stop Light (without caustics)
Wood - Arroway 082 Bloodwood (damaged)
Wood - Arroway Floor 027
Wood - Arroway Floor 034

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